Cars Are Our Passion. Auto Shops Are Our Clients. Let Us Protect Your Shop From Liability.

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Fixed-Price Package To Protect Automotive Shops

At Phocus Law, we’re offering an affordable fixed-price package designed specifically for the liability needs of automotive shops. Whether you’re focused on general maintenance and repair, or you’re focused on performance, we’ll get you the liability protection you need in a straightforward way. No BS, just sensible, honest help.

Phocus Companies

Automotive Shop Liability Protection Package – $995

  • 20 – 30 min Consultation with one of our Amazing Attorneys

  • Customized Waiver / Terms And Conditions for your shop

  • The Mechanic’s Legal Bible – A thorough legal manual for successfully running your business, written by Phocus Law

  • “This Shop Protected by Phocus Law” display poster

Popular Add-On Packages – $295

  • Dyno Waiver – for shops with Dynamometer

  • Insurance policy review and findings by an industry insurance professional

  • Template for Estimate and Invoice Language

  • “18 x 24” Custom Information Poster – One additional layer of protection, outlining your Phocus Law terms and conditions, collections policies, and more.

Phocus Companies

I’m a Gearhead. I’m a Lawyer.

The automotive industry fuels and supports my passion. It’s my privilege to help those who work in that industry thrive. If cars are your livelihood, then I’m your guy.

Mick McGirr, Attorney at Law & Founder

Cars are my passion. I’ve been a gearhead my entire life…

For nearly the past decade, I’ve also been a lawyer. I’m very fortunate to work closely with a lot of folks in businesses throughout the automotive industry. This work has taught me that liability is a serious problem for service, repair, and performance shops, and one they rarely properly address. A few of the issues and questions my automotive industry clients regularly face:

  • How can I protect against a customer whose car breaks down for something I didn’t work on?

  • Am I liable for damage to a customer’s car while testing or tuning it?

  • What does my insurance cover, and what should it cover?

  • Is there a way to prevent an unhappy customer from badmouthing my shop online?

  • What’s my exposure for a car the customer failed to pick up on time?

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Attorney at Law, Founder