Christine Lay

Christine (Christy) was born and raised in Phoenix in the Arcadia area. Her children are 4th generation natives. Her family is originally from Bisbee, Arizona. She obtained her AA degree at Scottsdale Community College with highest honors. Then she went on to ASU to get her Bachelor’s degree and graduated Magna Cum Laude. She stayed on at ASU to obtain a Master’s degree in Accounting Information Systems. Her favorite place to visit is Mission Beach in San Diego and she has been on several cruises in the Caribbean, Hawaii and Ensanada. She has two children, Lexi the youngest, 23, just moved to Kentucky to be with her father’s family on Christmas day and Jessica who would be 29 this year but she has lived in Heaven now for almost six years. Christy enjoys spending time with her boyfriend of 8 ½ years, Dave. They see each other on Friday and Saturday nights and enjoy playing Yahtzee……A LOT.